Fortunate Farms

Northern California coastal family farm and learning center 

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A special place to grow together

About Us


         Fortunate Farms is an inter-generational family farm that grows heirloom vegetables and flowers in the small town of Caspar in Mendocino County. We farm with sincere care for the land and are committed to improving and protecting its beautiful soil that sustains the lives we hold dear.  We are proud to continue the history of organic agriculture on this land.


Our Mission

 “We are working to regenerate the land while increasing resilience in our community by
growing nourishing food, producing fiber, and managing pastures to restore native
biodiversity. We share nature’s bounty and our knowledge with our local and global
communities to build a vibrant, sustainable, climate-resilient future for everyone.”

We will post hours as soon as the season opens!

Photo by Jeremy Francis

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Yoga in the Garden
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Farmers Market
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Coming along in 2022 - stay tuned for announcement